Are you old enough to remember Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh?

Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh
In 1981 Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh spent $5.75 million on a remote piece of property in Oregon and invested millions more to build Rajneeshpuram as a spiritual retreat for thousands of his red-frocked followers.

A few years later some of his followers were convicted of infecting salad bars with Salmonella, as well as other crimes: arson, wiretapping, immigration fraud, election fraud and attempted murder.

Escaping Polygamy — and Scientology

Escaping Polygamy
‘Sister Wives’ sugarcoats polygamy. ‘Escaping Polygamy’ shows what the lifestyle is really like.

Come to think of it, that’s also what Alex Gibney did in his Emmy-nominated documentary, “Going Clear,’ which exposes the Scientology cult to daylight.

Religion News, Wednesday July 15, 2015

Scientology quacks urged veto of Texas mental health bill.

Watch how dozens of Yazidi women and children escape from the clutches of ISIS barbarians.

Why a Wheaton chaplaincy staffer quit the evangelical college: same-sex celibacy and the church.

the US Bishops’ Sexual Abuse Charter faces challenges.

Brazilian Evangelicals set up a ‘sin free’ alternative to Facebook

The people behind Facegloria — said to be a sin-free alternative to Facebook — want to take on Facebook, Twitter, and the world.

Aimed initially at Brazil’s booming ‘Evangelical’ movement, the service is patrolled by volunteers who prevent the posting of all-too-revealing selfies, 600 banned words, and anything related to homosexuality.

International Cultic Studies Association: Upcoming Events

ICSA International Cultic Studies Association
The International Cultic Studies Association (ICSA) is a global network of people concerned about psychological manipulation and abuse in cultic or high-demand groups, alternative movements, and other environments.

ICSA is unique in how it brings together former group members, families, helping professionals and researchers.

Here is a listing of upcoming events.

Anti-gay bakery owners must pay $135.000 to lesbian couple

The Christian owners of a bakery in Oregon have been ordered to pay $135.000 to a lesbian couple they refused to bake a wedding cake for.

Aaron and Melissa Klein said their refusal to bake for the lesbian couple was prompted by their Christian beliefs. The case has been cited in the national debate over religious freedom and discrimination against gays.

Polygamous FLDS cult erects wall around meetinghouse

The insular Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (FLDS) is building a “fortress-type” wall around its meeting house in Colorado City, Arizona.

Observers believe the wall is being erected on the orders of cult leader Warren Jeffs, who is serving a sentence of life plus 20 years in prison.

Cult leader Lia Eden wants UFO to pick up her followers

cult leader Lia Eden
Cult leader Lia Eden claims that a UFO piloted by the archangel Gabriel wants to pick up her followers.

She has therefore requested that Indonesia’s President and Jakarata’s Governor grant the UFO permission to land at the country’s National Monument.

Jeremiah Duggan did not commit suicide, coroner rules

Jeremiah Duggan
The coroner also ruled that the fact that Jeremiah Duggan had revealed himself to be Jewish while attending a conference of the extreme Larouche organisation may have had a bearing on how he died.

Scotland Yard describes LaRouche’s group as a ‘political cult with sinister and dangerous connections.’

Scientology front group strikes out

A baseball club in Australia has cut ties with a ‘human rights group’ because its affiliation with the ‘Church’ of Scientology had not been disclosed.

It pays to check whether a particular organization is a Scientology front group.

Child in ‘resurrection ceremony’ starved more than 20 days

Aracely Meza, pastor of Iglesia Internacional Jesus es El Rey
Aracely Meza, a ‘prophet’ who operated the Iglesia Internacional Jesus es el Rey church at her home in the Dallas suburb of Balch Springs, has been arrested for allegedly helping starve to death a 2-year-old boy to rid him of a “demon,” then holding a resurrection ceremony shortly after he died to try to revive him, investigators say.

Why to revoke Scientology’s tax exempt status

Scientology is worst than you think
Most people already know enough about the ‘Church’ of Scientology to know that it is not a religion.

But the more we learn about this destructive cult, the clearer it becomes that this commercial hate group should not enjoy tax exempt status.

Islam in UK, USA; FLDS chickens; Marty Rathbun

Watch what happened when a former FLDS cult member tried to pick up her children from the community.

Is Islam compatible with UK values? Sky News commissioned a survey to find out what Muslims and non-Muslims think about that and other issues.

And former Scientology top executive Marty Rathbun talks about Scientology, ‘auditing,’ and the cult’s harassment techniques.

Islam’s Rotten Apples * Abusive Churches * Aum Cult

Cover of 'Heretic' a book by Ayaan Hirsi Ali
There are three kinds of Muslims, former Muslim Ayaan Hirsi Ali says, and moderates are not among them. The outspoken Islam critic calls for a reformation within Islam.

Also: Former members of a church in Palmerston, New Zealand, say they were suicidal, depressed and in need of counselling after leaving the “cult-like” church and being shunned by their friends and family.

Is Faith Christian Church in Tucson, Arizona, a Cult of Christianity?

Investigative report into Faith Christian Church, Tucson, Arizona.

Also, a look at Islam-inspired terrorism.

More news items and resources may be added during the course of the day.

Jihad recruitment; human trafficking; and Jesus as a redhead

Why and how do young people get recruited by Muslim extremists?

Alex Gibney’s Scientology documentary will debut on HBO at the end of March.

Also: Psychic Daniel Perez has been convicted in the drowning death of a woman at his commune, plus 27 other criminal charges.

Plus: cult expert Steve Hassan’s YouTube channel.

Religion News for busy people

In this issue: cult leader Debra Burslem, of the Magnificat Meal Movement, has fled Australia for the island nation of Vanuata. An Australian current affairs program tracked her down and confronted the ‘prophetess’ with claims that she has misused funds provided by her followers.

Plus: Does evangelist Reinhard Bonnke perform miracles?

Also: next month marks the 20th anniversary of doomsday cult Aum Shinrikyo’s sarin gas attack on the Tokyo subway.

And and in-depth look at the apocalyptic theology that fuels ISIS and other Muslim radicals around the world.

Many more religion news items…

RNB’s Religion Roundup: News and Data for Busy People

Religion news and data in bite-sized nuggets.

Today includes info about: megachurches, the Book of Mormon, Saddleback church, megachurch databases, the Taliban vs. a ski school, and more.

Also: Can Venture Capitalists predict the future? Can banking ever be ethical? And why does Playmobil love Martin Luther?

Friday’s Religion and Cult News Roundup

Rabbi Eliezer Berland
‘Sex rabbi’ Eliezer Berland faces extradition from the Netherlands. A religious pirate radio broadcaster has been ordered off-the-air. And: what’s up with yoga’s popularity?

Also: information about the International Cultic Studies Association’s annual conference.

Once again a Scientology front group has been discovered infiltrating schools to promote the cult’s quackery.

Plus: the Scientology business is in full damage-control mode over Alex Gibney’s documentary exposing it to daylight. Meanwhile, it is using the dirty tricks its founder proscribed for dealing with critics.

Speaking of critics: we’ve got info about an upcoming anti-Scientology conference.
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